The Facilities

The building is modern and fully air-conditioned providing a lovely calm, comfortable environment for visitors, patients and staff. The consulting rooms are designed so that cats can wander freely since we find this helps them to relax. The recovery ward is arranged so that patients are under constant observation while being warm and feeling secure, out of the sight of other animals. There are dedicated surgical and radiography areas, a dental suite with digital radiography and an isolation area. Pheromone diffusers are used throughout the practice and they have a really calming effect on our patients. The practice is fully equipped for routine medical, surgical and diagnostic procedures, and again, no compromise has been made for the size of our patients.

  • Digital radiography unit to give instant x ray images.
  • Digital dental radiography unit to give instant, detailed images of damaged teeth.
  • Olympus 3.6mm diameter flexible endoscope to enable us to visualise airways and intestines.
  • Wolf straight endoscope to visualise inside noses.
  • Doppler blood pressure monitor.
  • Cavitron air polishing/ultrasonic scaling unit to enable us to clean even the smallest of teeth properly.
  • Imagic Agile ultrasound unit to give images of the abdomen and heart.
  • Isoflurane anaesthesia for safety.
  • Syringe drivers to provide accurate intravenous fluids delivery.