Veterinary Surgeon:

Martin Reber

Martin originates from Germany where he qualified as a vet more than twenty years ago. He is an excellent surgeon and is particularly gifted at dealing with our more nervous patients (and their owners!). He brought his most un-German sense of humour to England and has generally ‘gone-native’. In his spare time he dedicates himself to being the practice’s leading expert on batteries and trying not to fall off his bike.

Veterinary Surgeon:

Eili Dettmering

Eili is the second of our teutonic contingent (in the nicest possible way). She has also settled happily in our little island realm and has over twenty years experience of caring for the pets of Sussex including many years at Top Cat Vets. She is a qualified veterinary acupuncturist with a particular interest in pain management and is happy to discuss referral cases. Those of us with a fear of needles give her a wide berth! As a long term (and repeat offender) owner of various 'wonky' rabbits, she has a lot to offer both cat and bunny parents alike. When not working she can be found pampering her two dogs, or performing impossible feats of distance running.

Veterinary Surgeon

Joana Dias :

Joana has more than 10 years experience as a Veterinary Surgeon so we are incredibly lucky that she has chosen to join us. She is always extremely calm and gentle with our patients (and her colleagues!) and always willing to offer a helping hand to injured wildlife. Joana has a wealth of experience in both first opinion practice and emergency medicine and is currently studying towards something clever.

Veterinary Surgeon:

Henry Hadfield

Henry qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon in 2015. Due to his many years of experience within practices in and around Brighton, we feel very fortunate to welcome him into the fold. He particularly enjoys the consulting aspect of the job and offers a calm and reassuring manner to his patients. Henry lists his interests as Cats, Cars and Coffee, but we suspect he has a dark side......

Head Nurse:

Charlotte Sturdy

Charlotte trained as a veterinary nurse in her home town in Surrey before moving to Brighton. Her particular passion lies with rescue animals, especially the old and infirm so she has collected a fine houseful of catty waifs and strays. Other than cleaning litter trays, her favourite hobby is tripping over her chickens. Her car is recognised by all the seagulls in her street.

Head Veterinary Nurse:

Karen Davis

Karen has many years of experience working in a veterinary charity in Brighton and we feel fortunate to have her smile around the practice. She is super-patient, efficient and guaranteed to go the extra mile in caring for her patients. She also keeps us all well hydrated with 'a lovely cup of tea'. She gets all emotional about her fluffy bunnies and piggly-wigglies. Make of that what you will.

Veterinary Nurse:

Emma Care

Emma is an experienced RVN who joined us in 2020, but it already seems like she's been with us forever (in a good way!). Calm in a crisis and always able to brighten our day with her unique outlook and questionable dance moves. She has a certificate in feline behaviour and is an A1 assessor for the Vet Nurse training scheme. Emma shares her life with a cat named Desmond, plus a small sized human and a fully grown one.

Veterinary Nurse:

Daisy Gillies

Daisy has bought her positive and cheerful attitude to the practice along with a particular interest in feline dentistry. She's also rather keen on guinea pigs (I don't know where we find them - really!) In her spare time, you can find Daisy getting out and about in the fresh air or with her head under a car bonnet.

Student Veterinary Nurse:

Holly Flynn

Holly helps us out with everything. After joining us as an animal care assistant she was so good at it that she is now hard at work studying to be a veterinary nurse. Holly loves spending time with our furry visitors and can often be found shoulder deep in the cattery pens giving extra TLC to anyone who will allow it. Holly is keen to help out in any capacity at any time of day - but needs time to warm up a little when there's an early start!


Julie Carr

Since joining us as a receptionist, Julie has quickly become a key member of the team. With a strong background in client services and IT, we couldn't do without her. Much of Julie's spare time is taken up by her role as a long serving town councillor, but she can often be found in a ditch - litter picker and bin-bag in hand!